Currently Gray Raven Press only handles my own books, sort of as a business placeholder. I do have several projects under this group though. Check out the links below for all the pieces and parts that make up the Gray Raven family of entertainment. There are opportunities to join one of these endeavors, though I have to say up front until the Patreon takes off for them these are strictly labors of love.

Frags and Beer Webzine

This is where I write about all things geek. Mostly comics, games, and movies but sometimes you’ll find articles about Gunpla, conventions, music and books. There are no ads on the site, so come by, there’s no need to worry about pop-ups and garbage like that.

We are always looking for more contributors. If you love talking about, and writing about all our geekly habits please check out our pages for submissions and to join the staff. We’d love to have anyone that wants to put out good, entertaining content.

Frags and Beer Network on YouTube

*Currently on indefinite hiatus*

Along with the Webzine I do game streams and interviews on YouTube and I play classic games on Monday nights, and new games on Saturday Mornings. There’s room for more streamers on the Network if anyone is interested in starting out, or joining a team.

I may return to do a video or two but regularly scheduled life streams are not going to be happening for the foreseeable future.

World of Thelos Wiki

Interested in playing your favorite tabletop RPG in the world of Wastelander, before it became a Wasteland? Details about the world of Thelos can be found here, thousands of years before Dez’s time. It is the setting for some of the short stories coming soon, and the novel I’m working on at the moment.

The world of Thelos is one of high fantasy, great magic and growing technology. Thelos is a large and diverse world on the brink of an industrial revolution, but not one of steam or electricity. Imagine a world where wild elves live in trees so large that the tops of them are not visible from the ground. A world where dwarven engineers ply the skies in airships and build fantastic machinery never conceived of before. It is a world where humans ride to battle on flying drakes, and dragons wage destructive battle on the lesser races. Daemons and Seraphs battle for power over mortals, or maintain the balance demanded by the Gods.


You can support all my work, ad-free videos and articles, through SubscribeStar either as a one-time donation or monthly subscription. Subscribers will have full access to a regular short story series called Shadows of Barden.