When Heroes Rise is Available!

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January 6, 2019

When Heroes Rise is my second book, a collection of short stories I’ve written over the years mostly set in the world of Thelos. The setting is one that will be used in a future fantasy series that’s currently in the works. It is available now on Amazon in paperback with a Kindle version coming soon.

Paperback price: $9.99

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Experience tales of sacrifice, bravery, and honor throughout the ages of the mystical world of Thelos. From primitive elven clans to savage wasteland wanderers, When Heroes Rise will take you on new adventures across a world unlike any you’ve seen before. You’ll explore this world through the eyes of those who struggle every day to survive it, and protect those they love. Heroes from all walks of life, and some who are not even people, will show how far one can go for loyalty, love, and honor. Their pain and sacrifice lay the groundwork for future tales yet untold, but coming soon.

This collection of shorts features stories from the early life of Snowdove, an elven woman who will face adversity and trauma before leaving her people to find her place in the world. You will witness pure love in the only story set on Earth, as an old man bargains with death for the chance to say goodbye. And five tales of Thelos’ distant future after the world is destroyed by the folly of man, and people must scrape out a life in the Wasteland left behind.

Embers of Liberty is Available!

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October 19, 2018

Embers of Liberty is my debut novel, and a labor of love over the last few years. I released it on October 11th of 2018 and it is available now on Amazon.com in paperback, with a Kindle version coming soon.

Paperback price: $14.99 US

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John Evermann’s world never changes. He goes to the same assigned job every day. He lives in the same house his family was placed in years ago. He picks up their weekly rations on Friday, and watches the same federally approved news broadcasts every night after dinner. Everything is as it is dictated to be, from the number on the back of his work jacket to the permanent curfew that keeps everyone safely in doors. Everyone has what they need to survive, and everyone contributes. It’s a perfect life, for some. It’s not enough for John and his friends.

America is torn apart from civil war after the rise of a tyrannical President. The Republic of Texas lies to the west, a shining beacon of freedom. When the most radical authoritarian policies are passed some states followed Texas into secession, clinging to the legacy of the Founders. That is where John looked for the future of his family and the friends who came to rely on him. A land of choice and liberty. A place where his children can grow up to be who they want, not who they’re told. They just have to get there.