It’s appropriate that my first post is about my first strange experience as a published author. Yes, I do have a couple of shorts that I published a few years back, but my dream was always to have a tangible book that I could pick up, that others could pick up. Embers of Liberty is that first book.

Anyway, we were having some plumbing done in the house and the handy-man we hired said that line, “So I hear you’re an author.” It was the first person I didn’t know who’d talked about it and it set me back a bit. Of course he’d heard it from his wife, who is a vendor at the same shop as mine, but it was still strange. I’m thing it has to do with imposter syndrome, which is a very real thing you start to feel when you produce something like art or writing.

It was quite the surreal experience. Next to seeing people post pictures of my book and talk about reading it. It’s everything I’ve wanted since I started writing, but it still feels strange. I felt awkward talking about it, something I hope passes because I want to have to talk about it for quite some time.

Mainly I’m writing this to let everyone else know that this feeling is normal. I don’t know if it every really goes away, but I think we creative types all deal with it to some extent. Just part of the process I guess.

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